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During spring 2010, the “Cnesa” Institute for Education and Culture has started a long-lasting cooperation with the Regional Training Centre of Kecskemét. Their cooperation resulted in a joint training programme in tourism, which was sponsored by the Hungarian foundation “Szülőföld Alap”. Presently, these institutions are devoting all their efforts to implement a cross-border project, which is funded by the European Commission. Two more partners are participating in the realization of the project. These are the Non-governmental organization “Probitas” and the Nursery, Primary and Special Vocational school, Student hostel and Public Educational Institution of the Local Goverment of Bács-Kiskun of Baja District.
The project is based around the implementation of two vocational trainings. The first is called “Ecological farming” and will be held in Subotica and Baja. It covers the topic of ecological agriculture. The second vocational training is called “Hotel assistant”, and will be realized in Kanjiza and Kecskemet. Both trainings include also EBC*L and ECDL training modules.

The project is being realized in the above-mentioned four locations. During the first implementation period, the regulatory framework of adult education and training have been analyzed in Serbia and Hungary, which significantly differ from each other. In the next step, five teachers from each location will attend a “Training of teachers” to become course managers. This will help them to carry out more efficiently their work during the implementation of the vocational trainings, which will take place in the third implementation period. In order to improve the learning process and experience, a staff and student exchanges will be realized as part of the project too.

The “Hotel assistant” vocational training contains the following subjects: agriculture, hospitality, catering, hygienic activities, livestock-raising, horticulture and cleaning. At the end of the course, students will have to pass a final exam based on the rules and regulations of special examination system in Hungary. The training module is accredited in Hungary and compatible with EU standards.
The importance of the training module “European Computer Driving Licence” shall be also stressed out. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills for operating computers. Students attending ECDL curses will pass the following modules: Operating Systems, Word Processing, Excel Basic Operating, Internet and Communication. Last but not the least, European Business Competence License training is of a great importance for those owning independent businesses, for prospective entrepreneurs, as well as for employees and for people looking for a job.

The trainings are funded by European Commission and will be held at the headquarters of “Cnesa” Institution for Education and Culture in Kanjiza. The address is Glavni trg 9.